Reign of Evil: A Seal Team 666 Novel

I’ve always been a big fan of military fiction and a bigger fan of military science fiction and horror. I’m also a friend and a fan of fellow Arizonan Weston Ochse. I loved Seal team 666 and thought, “How can he one-up that?” Well, he did.

I just finished Reign of Evil. I don’t know how Weston managed to weave American Special Forces, British Special Forces, Irish Special Forces, Celtic history, ultra-conservative British politicians, demon dogs, witches, and King Author (Yeah, that King Author) into one riveting tale, but damn if he didn’t do it. Reign of Evil  was non-stop action all the way through – pedal to the metal, balls to the walls, take no prisoners action. Weston’s personal military background allows him to inject realism and grunt minds into his military characters, and his slightly demented mind and penchant for meticulous research fleshes out his storyline until you BELIEVE.

Unlike a normal military unit, Weston’s Seal Team 666 takes on supernatural foes throughout the world. The body count is high, and he’s not afraid to kill a few good characters. In war,good people die, and the premise of his world is that we are at war with evil and the people who propagate it. It takes a hard man to do a hard job. Not that Weston isn’t afraid to utilize a few hard women along the way. Reign of Evil just shows the scope of which Weston is capable. He’s done zombies in the Salton Sea, ghosts in Deadwood, and survivors of a world holocaust living on a floating island of rusting ships. He really shines in his military fiction. Snafu, Seal Team 666, and Reign of Evil need to be on everyone’s bookshelf or Kindle.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Reign of Evil, do it now before he sends the Hunt after you.

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