New Year – New Opportunities

2013 is gone. Dead. Vanished into the mists of time. 2013, the king is dead. Long live the king, 2014.

2013 was a good year for me. Lots of novels written, quite a few sold, and more weird ideas percolating in my brain. The voices are whispering even now. The voices worked overtime this year. God rest ye merry gentlemen, but not for too long. I’ll need your advice soon. I attended several great conventions, saw family and friends, and made new friends .Any problems I had in 2013 are past and not worth remembering. It’s time to look forward.

2014 came in with a whimper for me – no celebrating, no Champaign. It slipped in quietly on soft angelic wings while I scribbled furiously on my new novel. (Actually I use my laptop. I can’t read my own scribbling.) That’s a good way for a writer to celebrate New Year’s Eve. After all, what is New Year’s Eve but a celebration of what we accomplished and a hope for what we might achieve. Dreams are conceived at the death of one year and born with the beginning of the new year. Many die a quick death for lack of perseverance or overreaching. Choose your dreams and New years Resolutions wisely.

I turn 60 in February. (Thank you. Thank you. No applause necessary. It was easy once I realized there are things worth living for and fighting for.) Kim and I are taking a cruise from LA to three Mexican ports. Considering the fate of many ships, I call it a Horror Cruise. I’m brushing up on my Spanish so I can find the bathroom, a priority at my age and with my bladder. I’ll attend several conventions this year, mostly in Arizona, California, and Texas to keep it close. Not sure about World Horror Con in Portland. I’d like to go, but the cruise will cost enough. I’ll be at Tucson Festival of Books with the Society of Southwestern Authors. TFB is always great.

Think of 2014 as a doorway. You don’t know what’s beyond until you push it open and peek inside. Take a bold step into the new year. Write hard. Promote well. Read often.

Have a great 2014. 

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