Winding Down the Year

  It has been a busy year for me and one filled with ups and downs. My visit to WHC in New Orleans and trip home to Miss. this past spring was great but tiring. I had to cancel my visit to TusCon in Tucson, AZ due to health problems – leg infection. That was a bummer, but my leg is almost healed. My Middle Grade horror novel Grave Dancer’s Club was released by Angelic Knight Press. I am very proud of it, but it seems to be moving slowly. Can’t figure that one out. Maybe my fans aren’t ready for a Middle Grade novel. Chill Factor, my Ice Station Zombie, sequel was released by Severed Press and is doing well. Ice Station Zombie continues to surprise me, as do all three Judgment Day novels. Cordyceps Rising was just released by Severed Press. It is a different type of zombie novel for me. My wife likes it, so I’m expecting a lot from it.

  Oracle of Delphi is at the printers. This Montag Press YA science fiction novel will be a blockbuster. Very proud of it. It is the first science fiction novel I have sold. I have others completed but sci-fi is a hard sell. I want to expand into the science fiction genre. The sequel, Dark Delphi, is almost complete. Blood Beast, a Dine creation legend novel, is being looked over by Blood Bound Books..I have my fingers crossed on that one.

  Now that all current novels are either at the publishers or selling, I can relax a bit. MY mother and my niece came for a visit. That was fun. Halloween was right after that, always fun and a lot of work. We go all out on decorations and the neighborhood kids love it  – over 125 this year. Thanksgiving will be with friends. Christmas – well Kim will be in Michigan visiting family and won’t return until the 25th, so it’s me and the cats. We built a patio, painted the house, and bought a refrigerator and dish washer, so Christmas presents are installed and working.

  I’m currently working on a sea monster novel, From the Depths, and toying with 2-3 sci-fi novels that I keep reworking and resubmitting. In February I will be 60 years old. (Where does the time go?) We will take a cruise to Puerto Villarta, Ensonada, and Cabo San Luca, Mexico. Should be fun if the shop doesn’t sink, catch on fire, run aground, the toilets don’t back up, and we don’t catch Listeria from the food.

  I’m not in a band right now, so no New Year’s Eve gig. It will probably be a quiet one. Even when I’m not busy, I’m always writing. My goal for 2014 is to write more short stories, do more book signings and publicity, and sell more new novels. Fingers crossed.

One Response to “Winding Down the Year”

  1. Mr. Gurley. Hope you get this. I’m the one who left that “review” about your Cordyceps book. I deleted it. It’s been bugging me since I wrote it. I forgot you also wrote the Ice Station books. I also loved them. Write on. 🙂

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