Mr. Fluffypants


The Tale of Mr. Fluffypants and the Maiden

Monday morning my wife informed me that a javalina (An Arizona peccary) was wandering the neighborhood, but he looked a little unsteady on his feet. Eventually, he came to our lawn. We gave up on bird baths  after javalinas broke the first two. Now, we have a dish in the ground attached to the drip irrigation system for quails, etc. He drank it all up and we re-filled it twice. After all the neighbors (And my wife) took photos, Mr. Fluffypants (She named him), lay down by our front door.

Now, javalinas can stink. They have musk glands. This one stank. he was also injured. One leg looked infected. We called Fish and Game, Animal Control, the fire department, even out Terminex people, but no one could help. They did give us a phone number. We called and found out it might cost up to $200 for them to get him. Now I like wild animals, but not $200 worth.

You never, ever, try to move a javalina. They have sharp tusks and, while not overly aggressive, can get pissed. My wife fed Mr. Fluffypants some carrots. I’m surprised she didn’t invite him inside. He stayed the night. She even turned the front light off so he could sleep better. About 4 am (She’s an early riser) Mr. Fluffypants wandered off and we thought we had seen the last of him. NO.

The next afternoon, we found him lying in the water dish, which was empty. We couldn’t re-fill it with the hose, so I reset the irrigation system to fill it. he resumed his position by the front door. Kim (My wife) fed him more carrots and discovered he liked parsnips. I tried feeding him BBQ sauce. (Just kidding!) he looked about done in, near death. My two cats, Elsie and Shoes, could smell him through the door and see him through the window. They were curious but not happy with their new neighbor.

Finally, she found a number for Animal Rescue. They work on a donation basis. The rescuer showed up. he had to dart Mr. Fluffypants twice because the first one didn’t go in deep enough. After Mr. Fluffypants calmed down, we loaded him into a large animal carrier (They need to add handles) and placed him in the truck. We donated $40, my absolute limit on pork I can’t eat. They will try to nurse him back to health and release him back to his piggy family. I hope he makes it.

My wife had to drive to Phoenix today. She will probably call Animal Rescue when she gets back to see how Mr. Fluffypants is doing. I should call ahead and tell them to tell her that he said he was happy and grateful, even if he dies, because his last hours were so happy and filled with fresh water, carrots and parsnips.

One Response to “Mr. Fluffypants”

  1. You did good. I’m a softie too. Thank goodness Mr. Fluffypants picked the right front porch to lay on!

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