When it Rains . . .

When it Rains . . .

   I know shouldn’t complain. It’s what I’ve been working towards for years. Deadlines. I’ve always envied other authors their deadlines. To me it meant progress. Now I have one, no four! Severed Press recently released in e-book my novel, Blood Lust. They’ve been working on Ice Station Zombie (New cover will be great) and I’ve been working on the first book of the Judgment Day series. At the same time, two magazines asked me to submit short stories. I don’t have the time, but you know what they say about promotion. Getting your name out there is what it takes.

  Now, Severed Press wants some changes in Ice Station Zombie, not much, just change the city! That’s okay, no panic. It’s just edits. The story takes place in Antarctica and Australia and they know more about Australia than I do. They’re based there. So now, I’m going through Ice Station Zombie and changing the mentions of Melbourne before I actually change the city to Adelaide. I jump from it to Judgment Day. I recently visited Biosphere 2 near my home in Tucson because Biosphere 2 will play an important role in the series. Research takes time away from actually writing.

  On breaks, I work on the two short stories, try to help a friend edit his pretty good first horror novel, try to keep up with my obligatory self-promotion on Facebook, You Tube, My Space, Twitter, write two blog site, update my website, Google+, Goodreads, four Yahoo groups, go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and try not to ignore my cats and wife (In that order).

  I love it! Pressure does wonders for writing. There’s no time for writer’s block or indecision. My characters have to think on their feet and make quick decisions. This energy enhances the action scenes. I do have to take a deep breath every now and then to relax for the dialogue or slower scenes, but this gives me a break.

  If I typed as fast as my wife did, I would be finished by now. She’s a whiz on the keyboard. I have to look at the keys and type with 3-4 fingers. Any more and they entangle. My words still come out looking dyslectic since I write faster than I can type. I would try a speech program, but with my Southern drawl, it would be a war of words with my computer claiming I’m making up new words. (Ya’ll is real. So is goin’)

  This writing business is hard work but I love it. The stories have to come out of me some way (Orally is much more preferable to the alternative) or I would explode. Being a chef was creative. Being a musician is creative. Writing is more than creativity. Your characters are a part of you, born from your flesh and thought. If you’re lucky, you touch someone by their thoughts or actions. It teaches the writer so much about him/herself. If you’re really lucky, your characters will touch you.

Keep writing!


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