First Person POV

I’m working on a new novel tentatively titled Blood Lust using the first person point of view. I’ve used it a few times in short stories, but this is my first attempt at longer fiction.I discovered a few things about first person.

 1. It is easy to express your character’s emotions and turmoil. His thoughts are transparent through exposition and dialogue.

2. It is difficult to decribe an action scene in First person. It can be done, but you have to consider how your character is seeing it.

3. While writing in First person, it is easy for the writer to become emeshed in the character’s emotional ups and downs. This can be a good thing if the writer is careful not to let his/her emotions drive the character.

I hope this exercise in First person suceeds. I like the story and the character and First person seems to be the logical POV with a few side trips to Third person for other characters.

If you have any experience at First person or any tips, please feel free to contact me. I would appreciate the advice.

One Response to “First Person POV”

  1. I love first person–but it does have it’s limitations. Primary for me is the character must experience/find out about/somehow know all of the story. When I write mysteries, that can be difficult. Of course, it’s always possible to switch point of view, but that can become annoying too!

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