Expanding My Horizons

Like most older writers, switching from a typewriter(remember those) toa computer was a big thing. I used a slide rule in college. This was before Texas Instrument’s pocket calculater. I barely have Word down, still working on Powerpoint and Excel. I fumble through Facebook and MySpace and my half dozen on-line Yahoo groups. I update my Website as often as possible, but now I find it takes half the morning just to log in, up date and scan the sites. Still, these platforms offer an excellent opportunity to get out there, show people what you do, what you’ve got to offer. I’m a babe in the woods tiptoeing thought dry leaves trying not to attract the big bad wolf. Forgive me my blogging sins as I forgive those who blog against me. Now I have to expand my horizons as well as write. I guess I can finally lose that weight since I won’t have time to eat.

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